You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (2014)

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown follows a day in the life of Charlie Brown; a kid who is trying to discover whether or not he is truly a good man.

Him and his buddies do all sorts of things to answer his question: they play baseball, enter a glee club competition, attempt to create a commercialised publicity campaign for Beethoven’s birthday etc.

By the end of the show, the gang have explored everything there is to about being a child, in as heart-warming and entertaining way possible.

PlaywrightClark Gesner
Date10/07/2014 - 13/07/2014
Jamie Bowman as Charlie Brown
Lily Cooper as Sally
Joe Mackenzie as Linus
Betty Jones as Lucy
Freddie Cambanakis as Schroeder
George Morgan as Snoopy
Production Team
Director: Tom Jones
Musical Director: Will Descrettes
Producer: Andy Bewley
Hair: Rose Burston
Poster Designer: Marff Pothen
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