Yen (2020)

Hench and Bobbie are brothers who live in their dingy living room in Feltham,London. Their dog Taliban has taken over their bedroom, and their mum Maggie has just moved in with her boyfriend ‘Minge face Alan’. The boys’ lives are dictated by pornography and video games, until one day Jen comes into their lives, bringing light and love. Until one day this all comes crashing down.


Production Details

PlaywrightAnna Jordan
Date14/02/2020 - 16/02/2020
Sam McNeil as Hench
Laura Livingstone as Jenifer
James Melville as Bobbie
Lotty Holder as Maggie
Production Team
Director: Yasmin Roe
Producer: Libby Richardson
Producer: Sunnie Hsia
Assistant Director: Ellen Waters
Stage Manager: Shannon O’Shea
Assistant Stage Manager: Stacey Proud
Costume: Filip Gesse
Assistant Costume: Amy Howarth
Hair and Makeup: Jess Bellamy
Lighting: Marie Colahan
Set: Charlie Biancio
P&P : Joe Richardson
Photographer: Estella Harrowing
Dramaturg: Katie Marks
Dramaturg: Frey Harkin
Movement: Amy Thorpe
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