The Notorious Mr Lovell

An abandoned shop. What used to be a department store is no more. At Lovell’s department store in Hull, a new window decorator, Debbie, is hired to improve the store’s takings. The five narrators then tell the story of Debbie’s relationship with her boss Mr Lovell, as he slowly begins to groom and manipulate her. The play tells the story of how Debbie and the other women working at the department store fight back to bring Lovell’s to ruin. Set against the backdrop of the miners strikes and the closing of the dockyards, The Notorious Mr Lovell is a story about the mistreatment of women, especially in working class underprivileged communities. The play is based on a true story and features characters that are based on real people.

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Georgia Green as Debbie Kay
Tom Mason as Mr Lovell
Connie Peel as Jenny
Lotty Farmer as Brenda
Neve Carey as Sal
Lucy Eddington as Caroline
Skye Kaune as Karen
Ali Moodie as Patrick/Breadcake Ian
Production Team
Directors: Cole Green & Jess McIntosh
Producer: Natsuko Noguchi
Production Manager & Stage Manager: Caitlin Berry
DSM: Niamh Cooper
Costume Designer & Hair and Make-Up Artist: Freya Collins
Set Designer: Mia Gane
Sound Designer: Arlie Pallant
Photography & Lighting Designer: Camille Fang
Press & Publicity: Emel Kucuk
PlaywrightCole Green
Date18/02/2022 - 20/02/2022
CastThis show has no known cast
Production TeamThis show has no known crew