The Improbable Suicide of Kitty Jay

It’s Leigh’s 24th birthday, and they want nothing more than a nice peaceful night around the campfire with their half-sister, Roux. Marshmallows, stories, some star gazing and hopefully a visit from some paranormal guests? The Improbable Suicide of Kitty Jay is a one-act play, exploring why we love (or hate) ghost stories and how they live in our everyday lives.

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Anna Cornish as Roux
Grace Atkinson as Leigh
Ally Green as Kitty Jay
Production Team
Director: Ciara Southwood
Producer: Dan Sinclair
Technical Designer: George Robertson
Set Designer : Ruby Scott
Photographer: Charlie Travers
Press and Publicity: Tamzine Vorster
PlaywrightDan Sinclair
CastThis show has no known cast
Production TeamThis show has no known crew