The Clearly Tragic & Completely Avoidable Fall of Michael

Michael is an angel of heaven, so you’d think he’d be on top of the world (literally); but due to God’s disappearance, the arrival of an old ‘friend’, and most crucially Michael’s developing romantic feelings toward his fellow angel Gabriel – Michael is stressed. ‘The Clearly Tragic and Completely Avoidable Fall of Michael’ is a play that explores the relationship between homosexuality and Christianity, questioning identity and faith, maybe to the point of no return.

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Leo McCall as Michael
Tom Spencer as Gabriel
George Firth as Lucifer & Doctor
Production Team
Director: Josh Liew
Producer: Ali Moodie
Lighting Design: Anouk Veltman
Sound Design: Natsuko Noguchi
P&P: Romilly Swingler
Photography: Lotty Farmer
PlaywrightJosh Liew
CastThis show has no known cast
Production TeamThis show has no known crew