Nick is a normal person, working a normal job, who lives a normal life. He is stuck in an everlasting cycle of stasis. As he begins to investigate his visions and explore the whispers of a secret buried under the school where he works, Nick begins to enter a downward spiral. This play is about survival: how to cope with the hardships of everyday life. This psychological thriller and dark comedy is impossible to summarise in just one word, but if I had to… Explosive. This amazing play in one word is explosive…

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Sam Jackson as Nick
Frances Colin as Chloe/Jessica
Abel Kent as Mr Boyd/Martin
Harshavardhini Pareek as Jo
Production Team
Director: Nathan Butler
Producer: Zoe Freeman
Deputy Stage Manager: Charlotte Powell
Lighting Designer: Ivy Magee
Sound Designer: Kai Tanigaki
Costume Designer: Emily Youngson
Press and Publicity: Charlotte Hammond
Set Designer: Lily Ball
PlaywrightBrad Birch
Date11/02/2022 - 13/02/2022
CastThis show has no known cast
Production TeamThis show has no known crew