Stranger Sings: The Stranger Things Musical (2019)

Welcome to Hawkins, it’s 1983, kids are out after their bedtimes on bikes, teenagers are at parties dancing to new wave and a monster is loose. This is the Pepsi generation. Teenager Barb reflects on the toils of her town through song. Characters join her and add their sides of the story as well, be it Joyce and her concerns for her son, or the budding love triangle between Nancy, Jonathan and Steve.


PlaywrightAlice Lloyd-Davies and Renae Mae Miller
Eleanor Hibbert as Barb
Ollie Jones as Hopper
Lucy Jo Finnighan as Joyce
Theo Bimson as One of the Boyz
Will Tucker as Steve/Jonathon
James Harvey as Will Byers
Ed Foster as Another one of the Boyz
Robyn Aitchison as Also one of the Boyz
Jess McIntosh as Eleven
Renae Mae Miller as Nancy
David Charter as The Demogorgon/ Martin Brenner
Production Team
Writer/Director: Alice Lloyd Davies
Writer/Director: Renae Mae Miller
Musical Director: Chloe Payne
Producer: Kate Gregson
Costume: Abbey Urban
Tech: Alex Paul
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