Straight & Narrow (2018)

In this West End hit comedy the central characters are Bob and Jeff. The cosy domesticity of these lovers is threatened by Jeff’s crisis. Jeff is considering leaving Bob…. but for a woman, so that he can become a father. Meanwhile Bob contends with meddling family members who are ignorant of his living situation. His mother, a domineering comic creation, complicates matters by pressing Bob to get married. She refuses to recognize that there is anything about her son which might upset her conventional sensibilities. Can Bob’s family – Lois and Bill, Nona and Arthur and matriarch, Vera – help to rescue the situation? And will Bob be able to tell the seemingly ignorant Vera that the ‘straight and narrow’ is not the life for her favourite little boy……?


PlaywrightJimmie Chinn
Date02/11/2018 - 04/11/2018
James Chetwood as Bob
Cullum Ball as Jeff
Lucy Jo Finnighan as Nona
Laura Livingstone as Lois
Ellie Walpole as Vera
Edward Ray as Bill
Seb Vaughan as Arthur
Production Team
Director: Jacob Taylor
Producer: Kendra Rabbitts
Producer: Rory Hutchison
Dramaturg: Alex Paul
Stage Manager: Tala Pattinson
Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Dodworth
Set Design: Emma Parkin
Costume Design: Chloe Payne
Hair & Makeup: Abbey Urban
Photography: Carrie Morrison
Tech: David Charter
Tech: Joanna Papanastassiou
P&P: Lucia Rimini
P&P: Rebecca McGreevy
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