Road (2020)

Your enigmatic host Scullery invites you down to Road, a working class Lancashire street, to explore the lives of those who live on it over the course of one crazy night.


PlaywrightJim Cartwright
Date21/02/2020 - 23/02/2020
Will Goodwin as Scullery
Liv Maltby as Joey/ Brian
Izzy Baxter as Carol/ Lane
Lucy Jo Finnighan as Louise/ Valerie
Dom Rice as Skin Lad/ Brink
Sophie Wright as Brenda/ Clare
Melissa Dieter as Marion/ Dor
Alex Buckley as Eddie/ Blowpipe
Seb Vaughan as Prof/ Curt
Production Team
Director: Courtney Smith
Director: Seth Douglas
Producer: Olivia Clarke
Assistant Producer: Malachi Prior
Tech: Alex Paul
Set: Jay Seldon
Assistant Set: Catherine Fallon
Costume: Joe Richardson
Stage Manage: Jess Bellamy
Stage Manage: Joe Spence
Hair and Makeup: Charlotte Mason
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