Punk Rock (2020)

A DramaSoc production of Simon Stephen’s Punk Rock, directed by Will Goodwin.

Set in a fee-paying grammar school in Stockport, Punk Rock tells the story of a group of A-Level students and the difficulties they face as tensions rise to a boiling point.

PlaywrightSimon Stephens
Vincent Klein as William
Marie Colahan as Lilly
Aaron Smith as Bennett
Lori Stott as Cissy
Nick Clark as Nicholas
Charlie Barber as Chadwick
Damian Freddi as Dr Harvey
Connie Hopkins as Tanya
Melissa Cartwright as Lucy
Production Team
Director: Will Goodwin
Producer: Alfie Howle
Musical Director: Piers Gilfillan
Assistant Producer: Malachi Prior
Costume: Joe Richardson
Set: Seth Douglas
Sound: Joe Spence
Lighting: Nathan Billis
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