Photograph 51

It’s the age of scientific discovery in the 1950’s, and researchers are scrambling to be the first to unlock the mysteries of DNA. Amongst these scientists is Rosalind Franklin, an underappreciated genius working as the sole woman in her field of study. She would risk everything to solve the problem, while her competitors Watson and Crick will stop at nothing to beat her. Based on a true story, Photograph 51 is a searing character study set amidst a plot involving a historical scientific race.

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Sylvie Agnello as Rosalind Franklin
Dan Nolan as Maurice Wilkins
Joseph Vause as Ray Gosling
Mimi Wilson as Don Caspar
Ezri Mannion as James Watson
Abel Kent as Francis Crick
Production Team
Director: Claire Cole
Producer: Katherine Lazarus
Set Designer: Ellie Huxley
Costume Designer: Lee Chapman
P&P: Eleanor Holman
Video Editor: Phoebe Butcher
PlaywrightAnna Ziegler
Date18/06/2021 - 19/06/2021
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