Paramnesia (2019)

Something has happened in Rory’s life that can never be spoken of. That’s why in the last year he has stopped talking altogether – except when he is with his boyfriend, Alex.
Rory’s family is trying to help him, but he’s not too sure he wants to be better – or that he has anything left to say or things left to do outside of his bedroom’s four walls. But how long can this go on before the reality of grief starts to crack the walls of his prison? How long can he hide in denial before the truth kicks in?


PlaywrightGiuditta Amato
a placeholder as Rory
James Melville as Alex
Aaron Smith as Ensemble
Maria Cook as Ensemble
Rosie Day as Ensemble
Shannon O’Shea as Ensemble
Alex Valetta as Ensemble
Katie Marks as Ensemble
Production Team
Writer/Director: Giuditta Amato
Producer: Connie Hopkins
Movement Director: Izzy Baxter
P&P: Estella Harrowing
Tech: Nathan Billis
Photographer: Harry Brewer
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