Over on Grim Street (2019)

Tabitha, a Northern old lady, lives in a bungalow by herself. However, today she is joined by the Grim Reaper, who she calls Grim. Grim has found themselves on the run from the law after suffering an existential crisis, hence why they have suddenly appeared in Tabitha’s kitchen. Tabitha must deal with this, whilst also dealing with cute neighbours and bossy friends.
Tabitha has felt at a standstill since the death of her husband, and Grim is questioning their place in the world. While unlikely friends, the two have the chance to heal each other, and learn that death may not be quite what people perceive.


PlaywrightLucy-Jo Finnighan
Chloe Payne as Tabitha
Alex Valetta as Grim
Laura Livingstone as Doris
Rory Hutchison as Harry
Seb Vaughan as Dave
Freya Ferguson as Radio News Lady
Production Team
Writer/Director: Lucy Jo Finnighan
Producer: Kendra Rabbitts
Tech: Alex Paul
Hair & Makeup: Abbey Urban
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