Meet Me by the Stranger

“Can we ever fix this?” “I don’t think we can.” The Stranger is a statue in the centre of a small town in Yorkshire. Her exact story is unknown but the way she stands and stares forlorn at the pub opposite is enough to have people speculating – she’s looking beyond at the sea for her lost love; she’s glaring in the pub for her alcoholic partner; she’s checking if there’s a queue for the old chippy. On one night 6 people meet at The Stranger. Recently divorced Charlie and Jamie. Temperamental Jem and Rory. Young lovers Bailey and Jordan. Each meet for a different purpose. Each leaves with a different solution. But The Stranger hears it all.

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Leigh Nairn Smith as Rory
Jared Donald as Jem
Aidan Loft as Charlie
Chris Hudson as Jamie
Charlotte Powell as Jordan
Connie Peel as Bailey
Production Team
Director: Gill Yue
Producer: Harry Wade
Set: Jen Marcus
Tech: Beth Barrett
PlaywrightGill Yue
CastThis show has no known cast
Production TeamThis show has no known crew