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Magic. Madness. Murder. Medea. Abandoned by her unfaithful husband, banished from her adopted home, left with nothing but her two children, Medea – once beloved princess of Colchis – turns to blind rage and swears bloody vengeance on all who have wronged her. This epic Greek tragedy comes to York in this monumental production, dissecting the tremendous grief, rage, anger, and sacrifice of one woman in her calculated desire for revenge.

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Lori Stott as Medea
Ezri Mannion as Nurse
James Moxley as Tutor
Nick Clark as Jason
Abel Kent as Creon/Aegeus
Amy Howarth as Chorus
Claire Cole as Chorus
Amber Wright as Chorus
Production Team
Directors: George Robertson and Tegan Steward

Producer: Tommo McCarthy

Assistant Producer: Matilda Seddon

Stage Manager: Beth Barrett
Lighting Designer: Joe Doody
Sound Designer: Matt Wilson
Set Designer: Jen Marcus
Costume Design: Grace Atkinson
Dramaturg: Chesca Downes
Press & Publicity: Lotty Farmer
Photographer: Camille Fang
Movement Director : Ines Aresti
Date25/02/2022 - 27/02/2022
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