Love Me

Love Me is a comedic, fast-paced coming of age story following musical theatre fanatic Fran as she embarks on a self-prescribed sex training course. Tracking her journey to understanding the lack of sexual attraction she experiences, Love Me blends monologue and poetry to celebrate female friendship and the love that defines us growing up.

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Frances Colin as Actor
Simone Mumford as Actor
Lucy Eddington as Actor
Georgia Green as Actor
Production Team
Director: Ella McKeown
Producer: Millie Feary
Stage Designer: Ellie Huxley
Stage Designer: Agim Koxhaj
Costume Designer: Becca Brown
Executive Producer: Lorn Suzanne
PlaywrightAisling Lally
Date23/08/2021 - 28/08/2021
CastThis show has no known cast
Production TeamThis show has no known crew
ReviewsThis show has no reviews yet

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