Lift (2017)

‘Lift’ opens with a busker in the centre of London seeking inspiration for his music. As he begins to write music and lyrics, we catch a glimpse into the lives of different London commuters, their lives being written by the busker as the show goes on. With an array of exciting characters ranging from a young dancer attempting to hide his sexuality to a french teacher who has fallen in love with her student, ‘Lift’ delves into the lives of people who travel on the same tube everyday.

PlaywrightIan Watson
Date01/06/2017 - 01/01/1970
George Doughty as Busker
Fergus Piper as Bright Young Thing
Eddie Kaziro as Ballet Dancer
Marcus Crabb as Tall Dark and Handsome
Anna Hale as Secretary
Anna Jones as French Teacher
Livi Roberts as Athletic and Wearing a Thong
Terri Guerrero as Lap Dancer
Production Team
Director: Em Barrett
Producer: Richard Oakman
Musical Director: Josh Griffith
Movement Director/Set Designer: Tara Geraghty
Press and Publicity: Carla Cole
Stage Manager: Alexandra Gaunt
Costume Designer: Victoria Roffey
Lighting Designer: Phill Cato
Sound Designer: Archie Parker
Graphic Designer: Joe McNeice
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