Kaleidoscope (2019)

Two medical professionals checking in on an ill girl. The girl has no voice.
On a meeting in a club, communication breaks down with disastrous consequences.
A pair of strangers meet in an unknown location but they can never see each other.
A political leads gives a national broadcast after fear of an invading menace from afar.
A wanna- be artist talks about the trials and tribulations of success in a beautiful yet toxic industry.
All these lives are seemingly disconnected, yet they all appear to tell us something unique about identity and life in the 21st Century.


PlaywrightJoe Spence
Alex Buckley as Actor
Izzy Baxter as Actor
Izzie Kemal-Ur-Rahim as Actor
Gabriella Turno as Actor
Production Team
Writer/Director: Joe Spence
Tech: Marie Colahan
P&P/Photography: Izzy Baxter
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