Intercom (2019)

It’s your classic “cabin in the woods” story.

Being stationed in an old, isolated cabin in the wilderness may sound terrible for some, but for Alex and Billie, it beats the lives they left behind. Alex studies the radio transmissions, whilst Billie maps out the area. They struggle to really connect, but as neither of them really want to, they don’t mind the isolation that the job brings.

Until strange things start happening. People keep disappearing, only to reappear as dead bodies. The cabin’s radio equipment keeps going haywire. There’s banging on the door in the middle of the night. There is something out there.

Alex and Billie struggle to carry out their jobs, uncertain of what will happen. But they are certain of one thing: before you open the door, make sure you know who’s behind it.


PlaywrightLucy-Jo Finnighan
Charlotte Small as Alex
Laura Livingstone as Billie
Michael Maitland-Jones as Alan
Robert King as Paul
Rory Hutchison as Radio Voice
Production Team
Writer/Director: Lucy Jo Finnighan
Producer: Freya Ferguson
Tech: Alex Paul
Props: Kit Clark
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