Dracula (2019)

Based on the novel by Bram Stoker, Deane and Balderston the thrilling story presenting, Lucy Seward, whose father is the doctor in charge of an English sanitorium, has been attacked by some mysterious illness. Dr Van Helsing, a specialist, believes that the girl is the victim of a ghost, that goes about at night sucking blood from its victims.


PlaywrightJohn L. Balderston and Hamilton Deane, adapted from the Novel by Bram Stoker
Date14/11/2019 - 17/11/2019
Fillipo Del Bo as Dracula
Frey Harkin as Van Helsing
Abel Kent as Dr Seward
Dylan Reeves-Fellows as Harker
Ev Kandemir as Lucy
Jay Seldon as Renfield
Ezri Mannion as Maid
Una Hogan as Attendant
Production Team
Director: Kit Clark
Producer: Burbs L Burberry
Stage Manager: Thomas Cornell
Assistant Stage Manager: Abbey Urban
Costume: Lucy Jo Finnighan
Set: Alex Paul
Set: Courtney Smith
Sound Design: Chris Rundell
Lighting Design: Nathan Billis
Make up: Emma Parkin
Hair: Una Hogan
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