Dr Faustus

Faustus is bored with the world, smarter than everyone he knows, and uninterested in his future. When a demon appears at his command, everything changes. Now there are no limits on what he can do, where he can go, and who can be. But at such a high cost, is it worth it? This hilarious (and terrifying) classic has been rewritten and directed for the Drama Barn by Luke McDonald, telling a mesmerising tale of magic, temptation, and damnation.

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Dan Sinclair as Faustus
Rachel Cooper as Mephistopheles
Peter Howl as Chorus
Tegan Steward as Chorus
Sam Jackson as Chorus
Chesca Downes as Chorus
Amber Moore as Chorus
Melissa Cartwright as Chorus
Production Team
Director: Luke McDonald
Producer: Monica Yell
Chalk Artist: Ellie Huxley
Set and Props Designer: Connie Peel
Costume Designer: Grace Stannard
Makeup and Hair: Beth Barret
Lighting Designers: Ellie Carrier & May Arline S
Sound Designer: Sophie Burton
Social Media Manager: Lotty Farmer
Photographer and Videographer: Nathan Livingstone
PlaywrightChristopher Marloe
Date11/03/2022 - 06/03/2022
CastThis show has no known cast
Production TeamThis show has no known crew