Calling Long Distance

‘Somewhere in between hello and goodbye there was love. So much love. Incredible love. Cannot describe it, better than anything, makes you sing in public love.’
Calling Long Distance is a concept piece exploring stories of people falling in love and falling apart through the medium of poetry, prose and song.

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Seth Douglas as Actor
Abel Kent as Actor
Zoe Freeman as Actor
Kit Draper as Actor
Dan Sinclair as Actor/Musicians
Izzy Baxter as Actor/Musicians
Joshua Liew as Actor/Musicians
Jasmine Clarke as Actor/Musicians
Una Hogan as Musicians
Ellie Lake as Musicians
Ellen Waters as Musicians
Production Team
Director: Emma Prestedge
Producer: Burbs
Musical Directors: Lorna Suzanne
Musical Directors: Chris Rundell
PlaywrightLorna Suzanne
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Production TeamThis show has no known crew
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