Bloody Whiskered (2020)

On the wrong side of the tracks, in a run-down pub called The Feral Tom, lives a cat named Tom. Tom, a self- proclaimed street cat, loves his life of crime and independence, despite being annoyed by pub regulars and Bertie, the nearby crow who keeps trying to sell him stuff.
Things at the pub get shaken up, however, when Fluffy, a slightly psychotic and very rich housecat arrives. Fluffy has run away from home after the attempts to kill his owners have gone awry, and requests that Tom show him the ways of the streetcat.


PlaywrightLucy Jo Finnighan
Abbey Urban as Fluffy
Izzie Kemal-Ur-Rahim as Tom
Jamie Stapleton as Bertie
Daniel Nolan as Neil
Alex Valetta as Mr P
Isabelle Lapore as Mrs P
Seth Douglas as Colin
Claire Cole as Linda
Production Team
Writer/Director: Lucy Jo Finnighan
Producer: Kit Clark
Tech: Alex Paul
Photographer: Izzy Baxter
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