Bassett (2017)

Set in a school in Wooton Bassett, a group of students are locked in a classroom on the day of a soldier’s repatriation. Tensions run high and show us a snapshot of a generation who have inherited a world at war….

PlaywrightJames Graham
Date01/01/2017 - 01/01/1970
Mark Ellis as Leo
Ashleigh Nicole as Kelly
Emily Wilson-Knight as Lucy
Emily Wilson-Knight as Aimee
Lucy Norton as Joanne
Sara Rashid as Shanti
Gabe Dentoni as Amid
Georgie de la Borda as Rachel
Patrick Walker as Dean
Tom Hillsdon as Jonathan
Lydia Slack as Zoe
Sam McNeil as Russell
Eliot Bayley as Graeme
Production Team
Director: Jessy Roberts
Director: Neil Collingham
Costume & Props: Georgie Scott
Producer: Katie Houston
P&P: Henry Longstaff
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