Auntie Mame (2019)

Originally written as a novel, Auntie Mame narrates the life of Patrick Dennis as he grows from a young orphan to an adult, under the care of his Auntie Mame. Eccentric and extravagant, throughout the play Mame lives a life that anyone would dream of, starting off as a rich radical chic, then losing all her money during the great depression, she then marries a wealthy Southern Gentleman and travels the world with him. After his tragic death, she returns to her home in New York City to write a memoir. During her adventures with Patrick she meets a colourful cast of characters, each one stranger than the other.


PlaywrightPatrick Dennis
Date30/11/2019 - 01/12/2019
Jennifer Williams as Auntie Mame
Connie Hopkins as Young Patrick Dennis
James Melville as Adult Patrick Dennis
Joe Richardson as Ito
Charlotte Small as Norah
Rebecca Heyes as Vera Charles
Vincent Klein as Mr. Babcock
Adam Forsythe as Brian O’Bannion
Seth Douglas as Lindsay
Thomas Cornell as Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside
Isabelle Lapore as Agnes Gooch
Jess Bellamy as Sally Cato/Gloria Upson
Luciana Candler as Mother Burnside/Doris Upson
Daniel Nolan as Claude Upson
Hannah Buckley as Pegeen Ryan
Production Team
Director: Fillipo Del Bo
Assistant Director: Rohan Millen
P&P: Katherine Kousteni
Photographer: Austra Apsite
Producer: Abbey Urban
Producer: Alex Paul
Costume Designer: Joe Richardson
Assistant Costume: Catherine Fallon
Stage Manager: Kit Clark
Set Design: Kat Chacon
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