A Tale Of Two Cities (2020)


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

Charles Dickens’ classic tale of revolution, redemption, and sacrifice is brought to life in this emotional and exciting retelling which combines the most memorable lines from the novel with fast paced and enjoyable stagecraft.

Presented by the University of York Drama Society, it weaves the stories of English lawyer Sydney Carton and disguised French aristocrat Charles Darnay, both in love with the delightful Lucie Manette, who find themselves increasingly swept up in the French Revolution, led by the inexorable Monsieur and Madame Defarge

Production Details

PlaywrightCharles Dickens
Date23/01/2020 - 25/01/2020
Katie Marks as Monsieur Defarge
Eleanor Frampton as Madame Defarge
Isabelle Lapore as Miss Pross
Daniel Nolan as Dr Manette
Adam Lambe as Charles Darney
Frey Harkin as Lucie Manette
James Melville as Sidney Carton
Barnaby Taylor as Mr Lorry
Melissa Dieter as Basard
Emma Scott as Marquis
Alex Valetta as Mr Stryver
Jessica Bellamy as Ensemble
Sophie Schulze as Ensemble
Yasmin Roe as Ensemble
Thomas Cornell as Ensemble
Evine Kandemir as Ensemble
Ruby Brocklehurst as Ensemble
Connie Hopkins as Ensemble
Kitty Northcote as Ensemble
Sarah Walburton as Ensemble
Joe Richardson as Ensemble
Pippa Dowes as Ensemble
Luciana Candler as Ensemble
Millie Hall as Ensemble
Rebecca Heyes as Ensemble
Emma Prestedge as Ensemble
Mary Taylor Lewis as Ensemble
Production Team
Director: Eleanor Frampton
Producer: Nathan Billis
Assistant Director : Amy Howarth
Movement Director: Lorn Suzanne
P&P: Burbs L Burberry
P&P: Yasmin Roe
Dramaturg: Holly Cowley
Dramaturg: Mary Taylor Lewis
Tech: John Cherry
Tech: Natsuko Noguchi
Tech: Marie Colahan
Music: Thet M Tun
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