1, 2, 3, 4…

‘We are all but pawns in a game of chess. The only way to win is to reach the other side of the board. But as we all know we aren’t the only ones on the playing field… 4 human beings entwined in a web of lies. A multi-medium universe where technology is the perfect way to express your inner fears and battle your darkest demons. The internet is no longer just your best friend, it’s also your therapist. Modern thriller meets 80’s slasher movies with a horrific twist. I have one question for you- Are you ready?’

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Rohan Millen as 1
Melissa Cartwright as 2
Anna Cornish as 3
Zoe Freeman as 4
Production Team
Director: Will Goodwin
Producer: Ivy Magee
Writer/Producer: Nathan Butler
PlaywrightNathan Butler
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